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2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser Redesign and Price

There were some information that Toyota is stopping production in August this year, but we found some rumors that new redesigned version 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser is coming soon to the market.

2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser article is just a rumor based on information found on internet!


The 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser is a very cute vehicle whose exterior design imitates the full face of the high end four-wheel drives like the jeep or the hummer. It has a closer styling due to the fact that its headlights are closely placed, with an open metal grill which gives it a go-anywhere ethic. However, it’s drawn back by the fact that it has an off road capability that is limited in the guise.


The interior of this car does not seem to be very expensive, owing to the fact that it has been made of plastic with chunky switches that are generally cheap. There is no metal or chrome inside this car, apart from a chrome badge placed at the middle of the steering wheel. The seating has no lumbar support hence may not be desirably comfortable for any long distance journeys. The seats are however durable enough and can easily deal with any rough conditions. The interior spacing is great. The driver enjoys two huge mirrors with a front screen that practically needs three wipers because of its size. The rear seats can be split and folded easily to provide enough boot space. Being a four wheel drive, basic technological gadgets are fitted. These include an updated stereo system with USB and AUX connections. The 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser also has steering controls, fitted parking sensors and cruise controls that are practically simple to use.


This new FJ Cruiser comes fitted with a 4.0-liter V6 engine which provides 271 lb-ft torque and with 260HP. The fitted 5 speed transmission is very smooth in this car as compared to other cars boasting of the same power and torque. Any buyer should expect this engine to produce a sound that is similar to that of a Porsche. It has a manual four wheel drive and a diff lock. It also has an A-track system. This engine is has been confirmed to be in a position to accelerate from zero to 100kph in less than 9 seconds.


The suspension of this car has been intentionally lowered as it is fitted with stability control system. This Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System in the 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser is sophisticated as compared to other models, and includes an automated sway-bar disconnect which is very useful when taking on tough off-roads which call for sufficient wheel articulation. The car also boasts of anti-lock brakes which are rare in such models it offers a smooth and equally stable ride, though like any other four wheel drive, it calls for one to be careful when driving in bends. As part of its performance, it is fitted with a specially designed cat-back exhaust system which sounds good.

2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser Release date and Price

This highly awaited 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser is expected to be officially released during the last quarter of 2017 because it has to be among the earliest new models to be released in 2018. According to the engine type desired, this car is expected to cost approximately $28,000 (€ 19400). This is a low price as compared to the expectations of the Toyota loyal fans. The car is expected to highly sell throughout the year.

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