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2018 Toyota GT-86 Convertible Changes and Price

Toyota’s GT-86 has been known by many names, these including the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S. Considering the popularity the vehicle was able to garner over a short period of time, fans of the GT-86 were excited, and then immediately disappointed when revelations that Toyota had begun work on a new 2018 Toyota GT-86 Convertible were immediately replaced by rumors that the company had put the project on hold.

With many a spy photo finally confirming the future of the vehicle, fans have been awaiting the emergence of the 2018 Toyota GT-86 Convertible with baited breath. A product produced by the collaborative minds of Toyota and Subaru, the new GT-86 is expected to supersede its predecessors, combining the best of Toyota and Subaru into a single package.


The 2018 Toyota GT-86 Convertible has been described as simple, utilizing slight alterations to bring about a classy look. The body is constructed out of light carbon fiber. With 18 inch alloy wheels, a large spoiler at the rear, bigger rear wing and extended splitter, the new GT-86 convertible has adopted an even sportier design than its predecessors.

The interior boasts the most significant alterations. Fans of the previous model will observe an improvement in the quality of materials utilized within the cabin, Toyota making available a more diverse number of options than before, this including aluminum and leather (the material will depend on the model that one chooses). Along with the leather upholstery, the 2018 Toyota GT-86 Convertible will boast advanced connectivity systems (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) and the sorts of modern entertainment and informational elements common in modern sports cars.

The cabin is relatively larger in size. Both the driver and passengers will observe a noteworthy increase in head and leg room, making the convertible a more comfortable vehicle for individuals of most sizes.


The new Toyota GT-86 Convertible is going to utilize a 2.0L atmospheric 4 cylinder boxer engine unit; it will generate 200 horsepower and a torque of 151lb. The performance of the engine is going to be further augmented by the convertible’s augmented exhaust systems and improved air intake. Along with a turbocharger (expected to improve the vehicle’s output to 250hp), the convertible will utilize an eight speed automatic transmission mechanism.

While the vehicle will be rear wheel drive, there has been talk of All Wheel Drive Gasoline powertrains as well as the inclusion of a lithium ion battery (transmitting power to the front wheels).

2018 Toyota GT-86 Convertible Release Date and Price

Toyota has yet to confirm any information regarding the release of the GT-86 convertible; however the vehicle should be hitting the markets by mid 2017, with a price tag hovering around the $30,000 mark.

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