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2018 Toyota Harrier- The Hybrid Mid Size SUV

It’s often said that the best things come in threes, and given that the 2018 Toyota Harrier is the third generation of Japan’s leading factory, one can thus expect it to be a super amazing SUV. Of course with fast development in technology, an array of superb features are expected to feature in this model.


The model is definitely going to boast of awestruck wonder and brilliance second to none. Compared to its predecessors, it’s undeniably true that it has separated itself as unique and vibrant in terms of performance, appearance and size. What’s more? The Powertrain and splendid interior and external features will definitely leave any car enthusiast with a single option- to purchase it. Have a look.


Get inside this precious SUV and the first styling feature that will blow your mind is the awesome inner parts, which are complimented by brilliant outlines. The entry way speakers and sleeker dashboard perfectly fit the interior layout. Inside of 2018 Toyota Harrier, it will also feature LED lighting (blue), in addition to the airbags fitted on the sides and front to provide sufficient safety. What could be described as a mobile lounge, the model will offer space to accommodate 5 passengers on its large comfortable and luxurious seats. Other features you can expect include: side fabric airbags, Bluetooth connectivity, new infotainment system, front and rear parking sensors, air conditioning, central control panel among many others.


This model has undergone innovative face-lifting and it boasts of a completely new style and design. Both the front and tail shades have been made longer in order to enhance its sideways profile. Not only will the model’s quarter columns incline forward, but also its front guard has been redesigned to make the front end smooth. It comes with LED lights and combo lights, both which have an inclination structure. Not also forgetting the leeway lights too. Furthermore, it will boast of grills with chrome balance, and compound wheels of 18 inches. And we are not done yet. The car will also be made of extremely lighter materials in order to enhance speed and performance.


The new 2018 Toyota Harrier will be fueled by a 2.5 liter hybrid engine, used in 2019 Camry too, which will perform gas execution of up to 21.8 km, in addition to high fuel utilization. It will generate 152 horsepower at 6000 RPM . Moreover, its greatest torque will be 142 pounds per feet. Not only will it have a petrol motor, but also two electric engines. Power exchange on all the four wheels or the front wheel will be done by a CVT programmed transmission. Furthermore, the efficiency rates will be moved forward and it will boast of fuel economy up to 51 mpg, which is what makes it outstanding.

Release date and price of the 2018 Toyota Harrier

The release of 2018 Toyota Harrier will happen in mid January 2018 for the Japanese market, while in the US market it’s expected to take place in February 2018. This super amazing model will cost somewhere between $45,000 and $47,000.

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