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2018 Toyota Innova Review and Price

Even for a sector that has over the years continued to witness the best of the best being created before being introduced to millions and millions of car drivers, the introduction of the new 2018 Toyota Innova has already left the industry bristling with excitement. Toyota has over the years never failed to surprise with new and futuristic car technologies. Although, much of the information about this 2018 machine has been kept under very close doors, the following is what we have gathered so far.

Interior Design

The inside is what will lure many people into buying this new Innova model. The presentation has been a taken a notch higher. The inside exhumes a little bit of sophistication and style. After all, with all new infotainment devices coupled with better textiles, many would kill to drive this masterpiece. Safety has also been taken into great consideration, the car now features twin airbag right at the front coupled with incredible side impact radiates that have been effectively embedded to the chassis. The interior, for sure, is not going to be rivaled by the last model.

2018 Toyota Innova Exterior design

Although, much of the features that make up the outside have been borrowed from the previous model, this 2018 model promises a whole new host of improvements and redesign work. A lot of modifications have been done on the outside for the car now comes fully complete with some of the biggest and new changes; perhaps, the new distinct chrome hefty grille is one massive and notable modification that has been done on the outside. As if that is not enough, fog lamp and an improved bumper are other areas that have received some little work from the designers. Basically, the designer took what they had from the previous model and gave a bit of modification.

Engine and Performance

Under this hood is a 2.0 liter with 26- shutoff and WT, as the transmission. With this alone, drivers will be able to net up to 136HP and 182 Nm. The car will also feature a diesel motor device. The 2.5 liter 4-cyinder diesel engine will generate around 144Hp and around 190 lb-ft of torque. The standard transmission on petrol engine is a five speed manual; this great, but quite hard to use. It is on point and comes with a very nice feedback. On the other hand, the diesel engine comes with 4 speed automatic unit coupled with overdrive. This one is quite easy to use; it is smooth, but very slow if you compare with the other one.

2018 Toyota Innova Release date and Price

For those who can’t wait to get their hands on this model, the 2018 Toyota Innova is expected to hit quite a number of showrooms towards the end of this year. Although, no official announcement has been made by the manufacturer in regard to the price, experts expect it to start selling at around $18, 000. However, many expect the diesel driven engine to cost more than the petrol driven. All in all, lets just be patient as we wait for the official release. One thing, though, it is a car to watch out for in 2017.

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