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2018 Toyota Sequoia, Tundra gets TRD Sports trim at Chicago auto show

We have waited for a long time for this news, but photos and early information from Chicago Car Show, show that it was worth of waiting for. As the place for representing the SUV and trucks vehicles, together with special editions and rarities, Chicago has never betrayed us with the exclusivity from the manufacturers known to big and impressive trucks. We have witnessed the same amazement at the Toyota booth with the two new models from this car range – Sequoia and Tundra while we still cannot recover from the novelties on new Toyota RAV Adventure.

2018 Toyota Sequoia – 2017 Chicago auto show

2018 Toyota Sequoia – Image Source: CNet

According to the photos and first information, it seems that Sequoia has deserved to be first on the list of the amazing new truck, especially if we know that manufacturer has not revealed all details about it. It will be third-row SUV with new LED headlights and taillights but not much more new in exterior design. It looks like Toyota has made only small changes in design, although the features and improvements from the last changed model have quietly been fading trough last ten years.

2018 Toyota Sequoia Interior – Image Source: Car and Driver

But, let be honest and say that TRD Sport model has more changes, mostly in term of design and details in car’s body, like 20-inch wheels and new front grille, both in black, new and improved front and rear bumpers, smoked taillights and both new stylized shift knobs and floor mats TRD branded. This model will have front and all-wheel driving system oppositely from the other models made in the same factory. It is like usually made changes in TRD series, usually seen on all Toyota models, but Sequoia TRD has deserved to be named as the most changed among the other models.

2018 Toyota Sequoia – Image Source: Car and Driver

2018 Toyota Tudra TRD Sports trim at Chicago auto show 2017

Nothing more we can say about Tundra either. Even though it has changed headlights and taillights as Sequoia, getting new and modern LED ones, as well as front clips; other changes are in the level of regular maintenance of the design. However, the TRD Sports version has also survived large changes, as mechanically Bilstein-branded shocks and front and end sway bars. Providing a sportier look, Toyota offers color matched hood, scoop, bumpers together with unique front grille and 20-ich wheels for New Toyota Tundra.

Both models will not disappoint even the most demanded buyers, giving the whole package of the additional equipment, like adaptive cruise control, automatic high beams, lane departure warning, as well as automatic emergency braking system paired with Safety Suite package, for passengers’ safety in driving.
We know that after this report you cannot wait to hear other important information like engine model, fuel economy, and price, but you should wait for the September when the both models will be offered at dealers.

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