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2019 Toyota Celica

2019 Toyota Celica is unconfirmed but planned to be offered this year under the famous brand name. Since the last version was dropped 2005, nothing happens in Toyota to remind us of that car. However, when the manufacturer announced that three old and new sporty cars will be made next year, many recognized Celica as one of those three.


It is for sure that Toyota has the great platform for this car, called TNGA platform where all sporty cars are made on. Since 2019 Toyota Celica continues the name popular to modernity and attractiveness, it is expected that it will be as modern as possible among the cars in the class. That includes a very interesting muscular front end with a flat mesh grille and LED front lights incorporated in hood line. The hood has curves on the sides and additions on the sides of the bumper. The rear end is also modernized, with a short truck and modern rear lights, spread on sides of the car. Being shorter than the front end, the rear end is much more curved and has numerous decorations in the middle.


The cabin in 2019 Toyota Celica is quite comfortable and luxury, with many additions to be even more modern than other cars in the class. There are few trims offered, which changes the material on the seats from fabric to leather and obviously offers better equipment and technology. Speaking about the technology, there are such things like Bluetooth connection, USB ports, cruise control, navigation system and audio and sound system, depending on trim version buyer choose. The modern and wide dashboard is decorated with details in chrome with large center cluster and many buttons below it.


It is for sure that 2019 Toyota Celica will be equipped with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine with 140 horsepower of strength, which is smaller but accepted among Toyota fans. However, there are rumors that new Celica could get a stronger engine that is stronger than 250 horsepower and could have even 300 horsepower of strength. However, knowing that the manufacturer planned to change Celica to electric car smaller engine is more likely.

2019 Toyota Celica Release Date and Price

We are sorry for your disappointing, but all we said here is not confirmed yet. The manufacturers sometimes recall old names of the cars just to fulfill paperwork and protect them from coping, and something like that could happen to 2019 Toyota Celica, too. However, if we are right, the new great sporty car is prepared to win in the market race.

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