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2019 Toyota Corolla

2019 Toyota Corolla should be the 12th generation of this popular car after long waiting for new version. As the current model is released 2014, people are thrilled to see what new Toyota has prepared in this version. However, when the current model was showed in Japan 2014, it represented a great change from the manufacturer of the car offered. People love elegantly shaped sporty cars, so Corolla fulfilled their expectations. There are no reasons to not expect the same with this version.


It is for sure that 2019 Toyota Corolla will be made on a new platform, that is used for every car made in Toyota in past few years and that is Toyota TNGA modular platform, with specified design and shaped to be sportier than another car in the class. That also includes a lower center of gravity and increased body rigidity, providing more speed and better driving and handling at higher speeds. This platform proved itself on Prius, Camry and C-HR, so we have reasons to believe that this time it will be the great option. We were not able to see how new Corolla will exactly look like since the car was protected during test driving, but it will be elegant but sporty shaped, with large lights on the front and massive front end with the wide grille. The rear end looked classical on the photos, but there should be made few changes before final production, too.



As 2019 Toyota Corolla is still in mule phase, it is early to talk about possible engines in this car when it comes to the market. However, it is for sure that the manufacturer will offer more than one four-cylinder engine and maybe V6 engine together with a hybrid version, as on other cars they have made in past few years. It is highly expected that Toyota will replace the current six-speed transmission with eight-speed or even ten-speed ones, as they also have planned to do on other cars by now. We are still not sure which of them will be in new Corolla, tough.

2019 Toyota Corolla Release Date and Price

It is important to say that 2019 Toyota Corolla is still a version of the final look of the car, and which will be able to see at the end of the year. It is also for sure that the manufacturer is planning to replace current Corolla iM in the US for new Corolla, which will be on the market when base model is released. It will be a new hatchback Corolla.

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