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2019 Toyota Harrier

2019 Toyota Harrier is a new generation of classy mid-size crossover that Toyota offers for the future. This car was firstly showed at Tokyo Auto Show 2016, and people who saw it there were thrilled to see it on the market. That moment finally came, so now we have this interesting car for the very favorable price.


2019 Toyota Harrier is a smaller car than before which improves driving capabilities and performances of the car. The recognizable front grille is shaped to be massive and aggressive, with thin LED front lights on the sides of the bumper and incorporated in hood line, and chromatic grille in the middle. The rear end is sportier, with metallic protection on the bottom and thin but long rear lights with a chromatic line across the truck door. The sharp edge of the truck door perfectly matches with a spoiler on the top of the rear window, so the car gets the interesting massive rear end. Speaking about the massiveness it is also provided with large 18-inch tires.


Do not worry about the size of the cabin in 2019 Toyota Harrier even though the car is slightly smaller than before. Interior of this car is even wider than before thanks to the better designed shape of the car. Together with space comes better interior design, which, in combination with modern and high-tech devices provides great performances and comfort in the cabin. However, in terms of technology, there are such things like parking sensors, rearview camera, knee airbags, automatic brakes, with commands collected in a large center cluster in the middle of the modern dashboard. There is also 8-inch TFT screen there. You will be pleased with fabric in dark red color on the seats.


It is highly expected that 2019 Toyota Harrier will get 1.5-liter petrol engine with 151 horsepower of strength, while higher trim version could get a stronger 2.5-liter but in combination with an electric engine for final output of 197 horsepower of strength. It should be paired with the six-speed automatic transmission, although there is information that Toyota is planning to offer two new transmissions – eight and ten-speed automatic ones. However, together with a front wheel driving there will be possible to order all-wheel driving system as well.

2019 Toyota Harrier Release Date and Price

2019 Toyota Harrier should be on the market at the end of this year for the price of $45,000 for the base model. However, buyers in the US should be patient and wait for the car to be offered on Japanese market first.

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