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2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Even though the manufacturer has not confirmed existing of 2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid many things say that we should expect it as a new model in this factory. The reason is economy crisis, problems with fuel and gas, and surely environment protection, which, let be honest, many manufacturers want to follow. However, new Yaris will not be changed only in terms of design and engine, but the manufacturer will make an acceptably attractive car, with modernly designed cabin and many new devices in there. There should be also changed the design of the car, so not it will be even more attractive to younger buyers. This model was firstly showed at Geneva Auto Show.


As the manufacturer aimed to make a cute and small car like Prius or other cars from that class, we are sure that 2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid should be almost the same as current model with some modernized changes. Front end should not be much different from the cars in the class, including recognizable rhomboidal gridded grille and lowered bumper. The rear end should also remain the same, with slightly changed rear lights and few details as a decoration. It will surely be the small car for city driving as before.


2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid will be equipped with best devices and technology on the market today, which all should be incorporated in the perfectly modern shaped cabin. According to photos, it should have quality fabric made of two colors, dark grey, and blue which dominate on the dashboard and the seats. There are simple but functional center cluster and infotainment touchscreen in the middle of it. Maybe little old fashioned air vents are modernized with the shape of dashboard and chrome in details.


The engine in 2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid is actually the most interesting about this car. According to rumors, that could be Hybrid Synergy Drive system as a special battery combined with 1.5-liter petrol unit. Not only that this engine provides lower fuel consumption, but it also promises better performances and even more speed than average petrol engines. Thanks to special automatic transmission and lightweight materials, new Yaris should be even faster and stronger than many petrol cars on market nowadays.

2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Release Date and Price

When 2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid finally comes to the market, it should be offered for the price similar to Toyota Jazz or models in that class. We expect that during 2018 we will finally know more about this car and see it on saloons.

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