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2018 Toyota Previa – Soccer Moms Best Vehicle

The 2018 Toyota Previa, also known by different names in different markets, comes as a sharp-looking new minivan, or multi-purpose vehicle as some call it, which will be an excellent option for businesses and families when it comes to moving around things and people. The Previa series received its last …

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2018 Toyota Tundra Baja Review and Price

The Toyota Tundra Baja has a lot of fans the world over; and many of them have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the 2018 version for some time, with the expectation that it will avail the sorts of changes that might make the truck the popular hit it has …

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2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Release Date and Price

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser will contain modified headlights, rakish guard, back tail- lights and another grille. Its extra tire-mounting will be on the tailgate, allowing more space for the bigger gas tank. There will also be a change in the suspension unit on the standard-bundle, that is electronically controlled and …

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Is This What the next-gen 2018 Toyota Supra will look like?

As we will able to see at Tokyo Motor Show from October, it seems that new Toyota Supra concept is almost ready for new buyers. This is all we hear and confirmed from Motor authority. The first information says that not only new Toyota is planned, but the whole design, …

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2018 Toyota C-HR – An Unexpected Next Step

2018 Toyota C-HR is definitely SUV model that will make huge success in the next year market. We are sure about that because, on the LA Auto Show where he was introduced, the viewers went crazy about this model. Just seeing his name C-HR tells you that he’s going to …

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2018 Toyota Harrier- The Hybrid Mid Size SUV

It’s often said that the best things come in threes, and given that the 2018 Toyota Harrier is the third generation of Japan’s leading factory, one can thus expect it to be a super amazing SUV. Of course with fast development in technology, an array of superb features are expected …

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