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2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Even though the manufacturer has not confirmed existing of 2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid many things say that we should expect it as a new model in this factory. The reason is economy crisis, problems with fuel and gas, and surely environment protection, which, let be honest, many manufacturers want to …

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2019 Toyota Celica

2019 Toyota Celica is unconfirmed but planned to be offered this year under the famous brand name. Since the last version was dropped 2005, nothing happens in Toyota to remind us of that car. However, when the manufacturer announced that three old and new sporty cars will be made next …

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2019 Toyota Corolla

2019 Toyota Corolla should be the 12th generation of this popular car after long waiting for new version. As the current model is released 2014, people are thrilled to see what new Toyota has prepared in this version. However, when the current model was showed in Japan 2014, it represented …

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2019 Toyota Camry

2019 Toyota Camry is a logical step for this manufacturer and its one of the most famous luxury sedans. As the manufacturer celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, we expected changes on these cars, but those changes follow plans that Toyota has for years to come. So, new Camry is …

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2019 Toyota GT-86 Convertible

2019 Toyota GT-86 Convertible is a new version of the very popular sporty model that continues Toyota’s line of sporty elegant cars. However, we have to be cautious with speculations, since the manufacturer has not confirmed existing of the model yet. According to all we know by now, it should …

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2019 Toyota Aygo

2019 Toyota Aygo is a proof that style and modernity can be offered in the small package, too. That means the manufacturer improved few details in this car to make a more attractive car but making a small and functional car. As we know, small cars have lower fuel consumption, …

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