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2019 Toyota Prius Hybrid

2019 Toyota Prius Hybrid is a new version of the most popular vehicle made in this Japanese factory, a symbol of the hybrid engines and practical small vehicles. We could be able to see it for the first time on test driving in Germany’s Nurburgring circuit, where a vehicle from …

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2019 Toyota Prius – Let’s Shatter All Expectations.

When the 2019 Toyota Prius hits the auto markets sometime at the end of the year the vehicle will resemble the current Prius model with a few additional touches in terms of exterior and interior design making it at once fuel efficient and eco-friendly continuing the worthy legacy of the …

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2018 Toyota Prius Hatchback Review

Toyota is an enormously popular global brand, and the Prius is one of its rising stars. The poster automobile for hybrid vehicles the world over, Toyota has been redefining the idea of clean motoring ever since it introduced the Prius some years back, the 2018 Toyota Prius continuing to pursue …

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2017 Toyota Prius – Green and Mean

The 2017 Toyota Prius is a new, fourth-generation Toyota Prius that comes with a new look. Built around the New Global Architecture platform, it comes lighter, as well as cheaper to build. It will feature a revised exterior and interior design, while still retaining its credentials as a fuel efficient …

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