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2019 Toyota Supra – Toyota Officially Admitted That FT1 is New Supra

The 2019 Toyota Supra is yet another ace up Toyota’s sleeve. The long-awaited model comes as a brand new sport coupe and is a result of Toyota’s collaboration with BMW. Apart from reviving the old 1979-2002 Supra, the new model will be built around the Toyota FT-1 concept car. Moreover, …

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Is This What the next-gen 2018 Toyota Supra will look like?

As we will able to see at Tokyo Motor Show from October, it seems that new Toyota Supra concept is almost ready for new buyers. This is all we hear and confirmed from Motor authority. The first information says that not only new Toyota is planned, but the whole design, …

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Toyota Supra and BMW Z5 Spied – Winter Testing Together

The rumors were optimistic about the cooperation of the BMW and Toyota lately. All information about their friendship finishes with the new engine and model design in old base and frame. Although we expected something like that with the new BMW Z5, we surely have not expected to see two …

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2018 Toyota Supra Convertible – Launching Soon

Toyota’s next Supra model is on the way to launch next year. The last Supra model was released in late 90s which is now old but has managed to win hearts of lots of automobile fans due to its unbelievably powerful engine and biggest portfolio in the industry for aftermarket …

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2017 Toyota FT-1 – Great Concept, Great Successor Of Supra

The long-expected 2017 Toyota FT-1 super car comes as the ultimate in car design. The FT stands for “Future Toyota,” and the number “1” represents the non plus ultra that according to Toyota the model will be. It is the result of a 2-year research by CALTY, Toyota’s North American …

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2019 Toyota Supra – Big Boys Toy

The 2019 Toyota Supra is a brand new sport coupe announced by Toyota as a result of their collaboration with BMW. Rumors concerning this latest addition to the Toyota’s lineup of sport car have been around for quite some time now, but it’s official now: the new Supra will be …

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