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Ferrari-Engined Toyota GT86 – Price, Performance

Prepare for the amazingly unbelievable thing with the new Toyota GT86. Something which should be a kind of the myth or a science fiction story is happening right now in the Toyota factory. You all know that putting a stronger engine in the car for the commercial usage is mission impossible, limited with so many things and conditioned by many changes in the design of the car which suppose to carry that Frankenstein under the hood. Well, when it comes to Toyota, things are not unbelievable anymore. A strong Ferrari F458 engine now is in Toyota GT86 and only questionable here is the moment when that miracle will be on the roads. Do not be surprised with the idea of making this combination. The person who stands behind it is Ryan Tuerck and he surely knows how things can go beyond the imagination.


To achieve this remarkable aim – making a race and possibly drift car, Toyota has changed many things in term of design and outside look of the car. Putting a strong V8 engine in the ZN6 chassis, which is the base for the Toyota GT86, has not been an easy job at all. Being big and separated into two parts, due to dual overhead cam, this 90 degree V8 engine must have changed the look of the front end of the car, including the hood and sweeping roof. That also means that you should expect robust front end with the literally added piece on the top of the hood with two separated parts. But, for those who like Formula 1 that should not be such a big problem – this car will simply be sportier and look more like bolides. The manufacturer has adjusted the whole car to the Formula’s design by making the car with the large tires and spoilers at the rear end.

Enjoy the Ferrari-Engined Toyota GT86 Video:


We surely know that this Toyota GT86 will have a pair of extremely safe Recaro Profi SPA carbon seats with a set of cam-lock set of 6 3-inch wide shoulder belt and 2-inch wide lap belts. Back row has safe and light carbon/Kevlar comfortable seats.


We said enough about the engine, but it still leaves the open space for the information about the speed, safety and other numbers we are interested in. Let say that Toyota has decided to use V8 engine with 90 degrees of separation between the cylinders although in this type of the car is usually used engines with 180 degrees between cylinders. That changed the look of the car, as we said before. This engine produces 570 horsepower and 398 pound-feet of torque and most likely will be paired with a 5-speed transmission but more information about the top speed and increasing should be released later. You get New Toyota Supra performace with this engine.

Ferrari-Engined Toyota GT86 Conclusion

This magic is happening now, but we should wait for a while for the final results. Knowing who are the designer and the whole team who made Toyota GT86, we can expect more miracles in the future.

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