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Is This What the next-gen 2018 Toyota Supra will look like?

As we will able to see at Tokyo Motor Show from October, it seems that new Toyota Supra concept is almost ready for new buyers. This is all we hear and confirmed from Motor authority. The first information says that not only new Toyota is planned, but the whole design, engine solutions, and interior look is prepared for people who love this brand and can’t wait for a new model.

This all was the last news, and we thought, that there will be no new info about new Supra, but then Autoevolution, presented new picture of new Supra MKV 2 day ago, following Autoweek one day ago validation the info about Supra MKV. This is still all just a rumors, because we did not confirmed anything with Toyota so far, but we do not think that this is not real. There will be some differences but, new Supra is coming soon to the market for sure!


The first source of the information about the new Toyota Supra is a publication Best Car from Japan, where are announced all new information about new cars and ideas from Japanese manufacturers. It seems that the new Supra is being similar to FT-1 Concept, shown at the beginning of 2014. That means that this car will be two doors sleek-looking car, modern and fashionable designed, with a new style in design, front-end look, and great shape of the whole car. If people found old GT86 as too conservative and old fashioned, they will be satisfied with a design of this car. A whole car is in lines and fractures, but well shaped and curved. Gentle lines are all over the front end, leaving two holes for intercoolers. At the top of them are two slanted headlights. The rear end has well known and recognizable look from Formula cars, with triangular rear end lights and two exhausts at every side of the car. Finally, there are large tires on modern sports wheels.


We can’t say how the interior of new Toyota Supra will look like since there is no available photo so far, but there is no reason to expect less than modern high-technology and safety equipment which many car manufacturers will envy for. We can’t expect wide cabin and a large trunk in a two-door car, but comfort and elegance will not miss, that is for sure.


As the many other details, the type of the engine is still not known for Toyota Supra, but we expect some well-known solutions from this manufacturer. One of them is a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four engine with 255 horsepower as the basic model which will be offered to the buyers. The second option is 3.0 liter V6 turbocharged engine with 340 horsepower of strength. The Japanese manufacturer would not be what we expect if there will not be a hybrid engine option. This time it is a 2.5-liter hybrid. The other numbers are not being known by now, so we must wait for new information to see what else they offered as a result of a partnership with BMW.

Conclusion and Price – Toyota Supra Concept

New Toyota Supra is actually just one of three new models which will be shown in Tokyo, beside the S-FR II as a mini version of 2019 GT86 and sporty GTI-branded Toyota Corolla with the new 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. The price will be known later.

(Image: Motor Autority)

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