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2019 Toyota Sequoia

2019 Toyota Sequoia

2019 Toyota Sequoia comes as slightly changed model, but mostly the same as previous vehicles that belong to the same class. There are few changes in design, but when it comes to the engine and equipment, Sequoia has even disappointed faithful buyers.


  • The largeness of the cabin and cargo space.
  • The model has a strong engine.


  • The equipment is too poor for the class.
  • There are cheaper models in this class.


2019 Toyota Sequoia side

2019 Toyota Sequoia looks modern and large, as before, with only a few small changes in details. Some fans could find similarities with the Toyota Highlander, mostly in the rear end, but Sequoia’s trunk is flat and makes a cube with the flat roof, as the opposite of the Highlander’s rounded shape. However, the front end is massive and strong, making the great design of the large SUV, with impressive LED front lights. The bottom of the front end has great metallic protection and impressive shapes of the fog lights.


2019 Toyota Sequoia interior

2019 Toyota Sequoia comes as three-row and 7-seat model in the strongly competitive SUV class. However, the cabin is very wide and long, with plenty of space for adult passengers. Unfortunately, the model is not much attractive when it comes to technology. It is not only poor but also too old for the class. The only which could help to the model is its great comfort and roominess.


It seems that the manufacturer has decided to not change the engine and power in the 2019 Toyota Sequoia too much from the past models. There is only one engine that comes with this vehicle, but that engine is strong and powerful enough for this class. It is a 5.7-liter V8 petrol model that produces 381 horsepower of strength. The model comes paired with the six-speed automatic transmission. The fuel economy for the model is not much favorable. There is only 13 mpg in city driving and 17 mpg on the highway as the manufacturer officially shared. Users said that this model is harder for driving and handling than Toyota 4Runner, its younger brother and competitor.

2019 Toyota Sequoia review

2019 Toyota Sequoia Pricing

There are no many changes in 2019 Toyota Sequoia to point on and specifically recommend this model for. On the other hand, it is a traditionally large robust machine for those who love to drive big and strong vehicles. It is not for speed and running on crowdy city streets. The most interesting and attractive in this model is surely its great design that appeals to the middle generation. The price, however, is not that attractive. Even though the base model costs $46,000, the full price is $67,000. It puts the model way above the other models in the class.

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