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2019 Toyota Tundra Baja

2019 Toyota Tundra Baja

2019 Toyota Tundra Baja comes as an addition to the large light truck market that is very attractive and popular in the US. The reason is a very long tradition of these trucks in the US and surely great competition that showed up in the past few years. When it comes to the Baja, it should not have true competition, as much it keeps the quality and design on the high level as before.


  • The model is larger and more aggressive.
  • There are great materials used in the cabin.


  • It is not for sure which equipment will be used in the cabin.
  • The price is higher than for competitors.


2019 Toyota Tundra Baja side

The design of 2019 Toyota Tundra Baja has not been much changed from the last model. However, there are new lightweight materials that the manufacturer used to make it. It should improve the speed as well as fuel economy. On the other hand, the model got great new protections on the bottom, making it perfect for off-road adventures and extremely heavy load. The lights, especially those on the rear end are redesigned and modernized, while the shape of the bumpers is more aggressive and muscular. Competing with the best models in class, Tundra has always been the most appealing and interesting truck on the market.

2019 Toyota Tundra Baja auto show


There are clues that the cabin in 2019 Toyota Tundra Baja could be equipped with the new materials. Some of them are surely thick quality brown leather that we saw on the photos. When it comes to the equipment, there is an improved infotainment system, controlled by buttons on the large touchscreen. On the other hand, there are many connections, like with Bluetooth, USB, and phone, by Android Play or Apple Store. Needled to say, the cabin is very large and comfortable, with space for legs and every passenger inside.


2019 Toyota Tundra Baja engine

There are two engines that come into consideration when the 2019 Toyota Tundra Baja. The first one is 4.0-liter V6 that is used on the previous models. On the other hand, there could be found 5.7-liter V8 petrol engine. It produces at least 383 horsepower and 401 pound-feet of torque. It should put Baja closer to Toyota Tundra as the main competitor.

2019 Toyota Tundra Baja Release Date and Price

When first buyers see the design and equipment of 2019 Toyota Tundra Baja, we are sure that they will be more than thrilled with the changes that the manufacturer has prepared. Even the price of $24,000 for the base model should not be strange for them. On the other hand, for those that are never satisfied with a standard equipment, there is a lot of parts that could be offered and taken on demand. In that case, the buyer should prepare at least $47,000.

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