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2020 Toyota 4Runner

2020 Toyota 4Runner performance

2020 Toyota 4Runner should finally be a new, sixth generation of the famous model, first time released in 1984 and highly popular during those decades with great interest of the buyers. However, it becomes boring after years and years of unchanging, so we believe that it will be completely changed this time.


2020 Toyota 4Runner

As we saw on test driving, there are huge changes in 2020 Toyota 4Runner and we should be happy to see how it grows and change it bumpers and edges. It will surely be larger and longer, with wider grille and trunk, but other details were not being visible on our photos. There is no information if the manufacturer will change the base of the SUV model this time.


2020 Toyota 4Runner interior

If one thing should be mentioned about the expectations in the cabin of 2020 Toyota 4Runner, it should be largeness and roominess. Even Toyota Highlander and Dodge Durango had larger cabins than this model, with enough space for 8 passengers, and in this range, only Range Rover has smaller cabin than 4Runner. We are reasons to believe that the manufacturer has considered it for the future models and that we should expect changes in that field.


There is no information if the old model remains in the new version, but if that is true, it will be very strong and useful for SUV like 2020 Toyota 4Runner should be. That is a 4.0-liter V6 engine with 270 horsepower and 278 pound-feet of torque, matched with the five-speed automatic transmission. The Toyota will surely offer again all-wheel and rear-wheel option and few attractive trim versions. However, the truck has been capable of pulling 4,700 of towing, so there are no reasons for not being so strong this time, too. It also had great fuel economy, 17/22 with the rear-wheel driving system, which is above the average. There are expectations about new 4Runner in terms of the engines that come as optional along with this. We should expect a diesel version and maybe V8 option.

2020 Toyota 4Runner back

2020 Toyota 4Runner Release Date and Price

We have a lot of reasons to be waiting for the new 2020 Toyota 4Runner. First of all, it has great large and comfortable cabin, much more space for the passengers, which will allow to the new 4Runner to be more competitive, but also to offers something new and highly practical in the new model. Besides that, there is much better equipment and surely one of the best exterior designs in the class, if our predictions about changes come true. Finally, the price of $34,000 that last year model had is most likely appealing on the new model, which put this version among the most favorable in class. The exact releasing date is not known, but we are sure that it could be after the summer next year.

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