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2020 Toyota Alphard

2020 Toyota Alphard

If you think that the old Alphard is a weird vehicle, then you should think again. After you see how the new 2020 Toyota Alphard looks like, you will understand what “weird” in Toyota vocabulary means. It is a brand new shape and design of the van for traveling and large families with extra space for the passengers and their badges and suitcases, that everybody should have the place for itself. However, the most interesting is a new design of the vehicle.


2020 Toyota Alphard front

The Toyota wanted to make a vehicle which looks like an iceberg, so he made 2020 Toyota Alphard. Looking from the front end, it really looks like the broken piece of ice, with extremely sharp grille and lights and curved lines and sharp edges to simulated edges of the ice cube. The rest of the van is flat and pretty much simple, with flat trunk door and the roof, so the cabin gets extra space. The vehicle is very low and allows easy entering.


2020 Toyota Alphard interior

There are no clear photos of the interior in 2020 Toyota Alphard, but the manufacturer announced so much great things that we are sure in their functionality and attractiveness. Being a large vehicle, the cabin is surely very comfortable and wide, literally for every passenger there. It is also made for those who love to travel and carry all with them, so cargo space, as well as passengers’ space, should be bigger and more comfortable.


Even though many fans complained about an engine that old Alphard used, it seems that 2020 Toyota Alphard will not bring anything new in that field. There are rumors that the same 2.4-liter four-cylinder option is under the hood, and it only could come with the electric unit for a hybrid combination. Do not forget that the old model had 167 horsepower of strength, so the new one should be at least stronger as a hybrid version. The only advantage of this engine was its low fuel consumption. It is true that this engine put Alphard in the same class with Toyota RAV4 and Toyota Harrier, but this size van simply has to have a stronger motor.

2020 Toyota Alphard side

2020 Toyota Alphard Release Date and Price

It is hard to predict which models will be the main rival to the 2020 Toyota Alphard. If we look at the design of it, there is no van or wagon that looks like it, so Toyota Alphard will be pretty much the first one with this great design. Releasing date will be known when the manufacturer chooses shape and design of the cabin equipment (like the shape of the touchscreen in the cabin for example) and when the engine is finally elected. Alphard has always been in the low price range, from $25,000 to $35,000 so we expect that it will be only slightly more expensive this time.

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