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2020 Toyota Prado

2020 Toyota Prado

With 2020 Toyota Prado the manufacturer decided to remain the same five options and trims as before, which were so attractive and interesting to the buyers. That includes Cacadu model, as well, and Prado Off-Road version, for drivers truly passionate for driving on rough terrain. This model will come as slightly changed inside, mostly in term of the size and usage of the cabin, with few new materials inside.


2020 Toyota Prado performance

There are no surprises when it is a design of 2020 Toyota Prado about. The manufacturer has not changed this version from the last model, remaining the same shape and design. Prado is almost boxy as Toyota 4Runner, but not van-like as Toyota Sienna, maybe closer to crossovers like Toyota Avensis. However, the front end has a recognizable shape, with gridded grille and large LED front lights, and wide front bumper above. The rear end is boxy and cubic, with modern and thin rear lights and also wide bumper above. Thanks to the flat roof the car looks even boxier than other crossovers and SUVs on the market, allowing large cargo space.


2020 Toyota Prado interior

Nothing is in lack in the cabin of 2020 Toyota Prado, as always, so there is very modern and wide cabin with all interesting additions and parts, great commands, and helpers and modernly designed details. The list of additions and features is long and includes USB ports, AM/FM stereo, MP3 player, Vehicle Balance Control (VSC), Active Traction Manage (A-TRC), Slope-get started Help Handle (HAC) and Downhill Assist Control (DAC). The third row could be folded and enlarge cargo space.


The base version of 2020 Toyota Prado is a 3.0-liter diesel engine that produces 170 horsepower and 302 pound-feet of torque. There should also be offered a petrol engine, as a 4.0-liter V6 model, 270 horsepower and 281 pound-feet of torque. Again, there are similarities with the Toyota 4Runner, and Toyota Highlander, in terms of the engine strength and size. However, both engines come as paired with the six-speed automatic transmission, while the manufacturer offers a five-speed clutch on buyer’s demand.

2020 Toyota Prado front

2020 Toyota Prado Release Date and Price

The price of 2020 Toyota Prado has not been officially released, but we expect that it will be in the same range than the previous model, meaning $47,000 that should be prepared for the base model and the highest price of $71,000 if the buyers choose all additions and equipment. Nothing is for sure when it comes to the releasing date since the manufacturer announced that they will not hurry with this model, finalizing all details and decoration for the releasing. However, it is highly expected that it will be on the market after February 2019, when selling should start.


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