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2021 Toyota Auris Hybrid

2021 Toyota Auris Hybrid is one of the cars that should satisfy every buyer. It is small, but also very comfortable and attractive. The manufacturer has used high technology there and make it useful for city driving. As we expect from Toyota, they have used an excellent hybrid engine, too, so you can enjoy driving that protects the environment.


  • The model is beautiful and modern
  • The engines are economical and protect the environment


  • The cabin is tight
  • It will not be available in the US


2021 Toyota Auris Hybrid Exterior

2021 Toyota Auris Hybrid is beautiful and handsome. Although it looks like a much more famous Toyota Corolla, it has great and unique parts. The most impressive is the front end, with redesigned and stylish LED front lights and the full bottom of the bumper. When it comes to the rear end, it is sloped and a little shorter, so make the car smaller. However, it does not mean that it is concise, but more likely, it has significant parts and features.


2021 Toyota Auris Hybrid Interior

Although the cabin inside of 2021 Toyota Auris looks a little too small and tight, the manufacturer has made an effort to make it as comfortable as he could. So, you will have a little less space for legs and passengers in the second row. However, there are high devices that will make driving and traveling much more comfortable. All commands are collected at a 4.2-inch TFT screen.

2021 Toyota Auris Hybrid Engine

2021 Toyota Auris Hybrid Engine

There are exciting options when it comes to the 2021 Toyota Auris Hybrid. Do not forget that it is the model known to hybrid engines, along with the Toyota Prius. It sounds impossible, but it will compete with Prius in the type of hybrid engine, and surely in price.

As we know, along with the petrol models, they should offer two hybrid engines, too. The first one is 2.0-liter that produces around 180 horsepower. It has proved its practicality and usage on Toyota CH-R already. The second one is already used in Prius, a 1.8-liter model with a strength of around 120 horsepower.

The manufacturer will do more experiments with these engines so that they will offer a new Toyota Mirai with a complete hydrogen engine. It is essential to say that this model perhaps will not come to the US market with all of these options, so follow the performances of the models later.

2021 Toyota Auris Hybrid Release Date and Price

The price of $20,000 for 2021 Toyota Auris Hybrid sounds so great. It is more than affordable for literally every type of buyer. However, you should prepare for the option that this model will never be on the US market. It means that only people in the UK and Europe will be able to buy it. For more information, check our site later.

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