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2021 Toyota Auris

2021 Toyota Auris comes as a great addition to hybrid small models class. It has excellent design, even better cabins than on many cars in this class and the ideal hybrid vehicle in offer. The price, though, should be the most appealing to buyers.


  • The model is beautiful and handsome
  • There are two high hybrid engines in offer


  • The cabin is a little tight
  • The design is a little boring for this class


2021 Toyota Auris Exterior

We expected that 2021 Toyota Auris would look like Toyota Corolla, as one of the sporty cars in this line. However, there are significant differences between those two cars. The significant change from last year’s model is on the front end.

It has much prettier and attractive LED front lights, with a much more refined shape of the bumper and wider but elegant mesh grille. When it comes to the rear end, it is sportier and sloped, so make the car a little shorter than it is. However, the model is very interesting for young buyers, providing better handling and more accessible parking.


2021 Toyota Auris Interior

There is an excellent cabin inside of 2021 Toyota Auris. In terms of technology, they have used high devices and high-tech gadgets. You could see there stability and traction control, two-zone automatic air-conditioning, seven airbags, and automatic pilot.

The manufacturer has also included LED lights, face key and electric controlling functions for opening the windows and keyless starting of the engine. As the opposite of expectations, the cabin is vast and comfortable and offers plenty of space for passengers.

2021 Toyota Auris Engine

2021 Toyota Auris Engine

There would be three engines in an offer that come in 2021 Toyota Auris. The first one is the 2.0-liter hybrid model with 180 horsepower. It is not the only hybrid that you can order with this model. There would be another option, a little larger, 1.8-liter hybrid that has already used in Prius. The strength is a little lower, 122 horsepower, but it is more economical.

Toyota Prius is well-known to hybrid engines, but this time is it more expensive than Auris, so not that competitive as we could assume. The third option is a petrol 1.2-liter turbo engine. The manufacturer has made this model lightweight and with the lower front end, so provide speed but better handling and more visibility on driving. The basic engine could increase the rate of 60 mph for 9 seconds.

2021 Toyota Auris Release Date and Price

One of the significant advantages of 2021 Toyota Auris is the price of only $23,000 for the base model. It makes the model even cheaper than hybrids made in Toyota. On the other hand, future buyers will get great features included in that price, so it is worth buying. The model should be on the market later this year.

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